Sustained excellence

Today’s workplace is very demanding, so we help people develop the skills and capability to overcome challenges at work and in everyday life. We support people to create the emotional stamina needed to succeed in fast-paced, demanding work and performance-based environments. We provide the skills to maintain momentum and continue to be proactive agents of adaptation and achievement.

humansoftware is somewhat unique in the way it works with individuals to enable people to work skilfully with emotions, reduce stress and exhaustion, and experience joy, satisfaction and success.

Working longer and harder isn’t good for business and isn’t good for ourselves and others. Therefore, building the life you want to be happy and effective at work, and energetic at home is a key priority in our leadership development approach.

We understand that life doesn’t always go in straight lines – we all experience bumps and challenges along the way. humansoftware works with people to provide tools to navigate when problems and challenges become too much, and to expand people’s abilities to get things done well. We also assist and support people who have been unwell back to performance, and help to create the potential for increased effectiveness and happiness.

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  • Having regular discussions with my executive mentor gave me the time and clarity to work through challenges of change.  Mandy brings such a calming yet contemplative way of forcing me to confront obstacles; to work on aspects within my control and to articulate and plan ways to implement what I need to do. Top sporting athletes continue to have coaches that help sharpen technique, in the same way it pivotal for professionals whether in the private, public or NGO to engage in ongoing coaching to assist with understanding when / why a different approach might be necessary. Thanks Mandy
  • I have learnt so much about myself and I have been able to challenge myself in ways I have never done so before. I have grown and progressed in ways I did not think were possible. I have not only been surprised at how far I have come, but have also been amazed at the strength and confidence I now have, which continues to build and grow within me. Thank you Michelle for all you have taught me and for all the tools you have provided.
  • When I started with Mandy I was consumed with what I had not been doing in my role, and how much I needed to improve to be the best I could be. I was comparing myself to others and feeling low in my confidence as a leader. When I finished our sessions, I walked away feeling sure of myself in my leadership and in my contribution to my job, organisation and the community.
  • I worked with Michelle and our time together has helped me enormously. I am in a headspace now that I never could have imagined when our sessions began; I am so much more kind to and gentle with myself today. I have discovered a lot about the way I am wired, and Michelle’s emphasis on mindfulness has allowed me to develop new coping mechanisms when confronted with anxiety and self-doubt.